Baptism has long been an important element in many spiritual traditions. You are probably most familiar with seeing it practiced in various denominations of Christianity; Catholics, Assemblies of God, and of course Baptists partake in baptisms, as well as most others. It is viewed as a rite of passage wherein the participant is inducted into a community of faith. It also symbolizes a believer's dedication to God and/or a set of religious rules.

Baptism is a significant religious ceremony that welcomes a new member into a faith community. Many Christian denominations celebrate the rite of baptism; it is commonly found in Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant sects. Baptism, however, has also been adopted and celebrated by people of religious faiths outside of the Christian tradition. This is a rite that may be conducted early in life or later in life when a conscious decision is made to affiliate with a particular religious tradition.

A baptism is a relatively simple ceremony in terms of logistics. This ceremony only has a few basic requirements: a minister, a participant, and witnesses that will help the newly baptized believer on his or her journey in the community of faith.

Many Christian denominations invoke the Holy Trinity during a baptismal ceremony. This tradition comes from the Biblical account of the baptism of Jesus as told in the Gospels. During the events, God the Father opened the heavens and sent down the Holy Spirit to Jesus Christ, the son.


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