Are you an Ordained Minister?
Yes, I am ordained by the Universal Life Church and may perform legal wedding ceremonies in the state of New Jersey
Is it required to have a wedding ceremony in order for the marriage to be legal?
No, all that is required is a valid marriage license.
Do I need to have a witness in order to get married?
Yes, the state of New Jersey requires at least one witness who is over 18 years of age to sign the marriage license.
What is a Non-Denominational Marriage?
A Non-Denominational wedding is not tied to a specific religious group.   Couples who are not religious,  have been divorced or plan to elope may choose a non-denominational wedding. 
Are your ceremonies Religious?
No, since I am a non-denominational minister,  I do not perform any specific religious ceremonies.   However,  ceremonies may be spiritual in nature and may contain religious passages or any words of faith you choose.
What is an Interfaith Marriage?
An Interfaith Marriage is a marriage between two people of different religious beliefs such as a Christian and Non-Christian.
We are already legally married but did not have a ceremony.   Will you still perform a marriage ceremony for us?
Yes, many couples elope or get married by the town clerk and choose to have a ceremony for family and friends at a later time.
Do you perform same sex marriages?
Yes, I am happy to perform a ceremony for any couple who wants to get married, provided they have a valid marriage license.
What are your Fees for Wedding Ceremonies?
My fee starts at 150.00.  50% deposit is due when you book my services and the balance is due one week before the wedding.   Deposits are non-refundable since I may have to refuse another couple when you book me.
Will you attend our wedding rehearsal?
For an additional fee, I will attend your rehearsal.
Can we write our own vows?
Of course, it's your day, your wedding, your choice.
Do we need to have prayers or exchange rings.
No, the entire ceremony will be based on your wishes.
Can I add things to my ceremony?
Of course,  we will go over  ant requests and announcements you would like included in your service.
Can my ceremony include rituals
Yes, some couples choose to include poems, prayers,  guest readings,  candle unity lighting, etc, while some couples prefer a ceremony to be short and sweet.
Are there any restrictions as to what we can wear during our ceremony?
No, you can wear any attire you choose.   Some couples choose a weddidng theme and dress based on the theme they have selected.